A tour trough tonguing factory, China

Interview met Ben Xubin (Chinese partner)

When did you start working in the furniture business and why?
IIt all started in Nov. 2012 for me.
I have wanted to discover the world since I was a young boy and I figured international trading would help me do this. There were two obvious choices for me, the furniture world and the textile industry.
It became clear pretty fast the former was the best way to open the door, as there is less need for big machinery and warehouse space for keeping stock. As my wife was already an interior designer at that time, she could proof to be huge value for our team.

When did you meet Olivier for the first time and why did you start a partnership with him?
The first time I met Olivier was in July 2013.
I remember our initial meeting in my office as if it was yesterday. We talked a lot about our families and history and we both felt comfortable from the start.
As we shared the same opinion on how to become a household name in the furniture world - and as both of us were eager to have an overseas business partner, we started a cooperation instantly.  

How is this cooperation going so far?
We have been growing this partnership together for 11 years and we will continue to do so for many years to come.  

What is very important for both of you ( Ben & Olivier )? (can also be personal / family / travel)

Olivier: It is very important for partners to share a similar vision for the future of a business. We both believe it is key to have your own style by designing unique products and using exclusive fabrics, which should always be accompanied by a high quality standard and flawless follow-up service.

Ben: We proud ourselves on our smooth communication system and our never ending desire to keep on learning and exploring. We talk to each other on a daily basis, we visit fairs all over the world together; Olivier even invited me and my family to his house in Belgium, Europe. All of this helps us to have an eclectic view on the world and how to understand different cultures and perspectives.  

Kelly :
What is your function in the company?

I am the floor manager at the factory. I guess you can call me the right and left hand of Ben and Olivier, as I am in charge of all communication between our head office and factory workers, which keeps me up-to-date on all developments at all time.

How do you feel about working in the company?
Our company is filled with an atmosphere of love and responsibility  - a place in which we feel safe and comfortably secure.
The owners always try to be mentors by sharing their business experience they gathered through the years and all the workers treat our products with such love and care.

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